There are moments in life when certain individuals enter our world, leaving a lasting impact that shapes us in ways we never imagined. John Leonard or “Lenny” by his friends, was one of those rare souls.

Lenny played a significant role within the Fade Athletics family, contributing valuable ideas and styles that helped shape the essence of our brand. One of his most cherished contributions was the Albatross, a symbol that he believed encapsulated the essence of our golf brand.

In honor of John's memory and legacy, we have created a special line called LennyMade within our brand. This line is a tribute to the man who was not only a great father, husband, and friend but also a creative force within our community.

We will honor John's spirit through LennyMade, ensuring that his presence continues to inspire and uplift those who knew and loved him. Thank you, Lenny, for everything you brought into our lives. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.